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We all appreciate what online dating is trying to do for the throngs of lonely people in the world, but what if I'm just looking for available singles in my area? Join
The one thing that is confusing in particular with the statistics of numerous dating sites is the geographic desirability of their members. One thing has to considered, do I really need millions of people just to find the available singles in my area?Online dating is no different from any other personals service. It's an industry that supplies a service to match two people and the requirement for this has seen it grow by at least 50% each year since 2003. When looking for available singles in my area, I can start by narrowing my search criteria and area and expanding it as I please, and then go back to see if any new members have joined since my last search. But we have one question, if I join a site that has 20 million members, does this increase or reduce my chances of finding a match? The more the merrier some might say, others may suggest that you may not be able to see the woods through the trees and more may create confusion instead of clarity. Some sites are focusing on an area of expertise, or are catering for an area of the market that requires something specific, such as searching just for available singles in my area. This is an important contribution to the dating sector since it gives some realism to your selective choice. If we had to choose from 20 million available singles from one site, do you know how long that would take? We would say that we would lose 5 years of our lives browsing through e-mails, profiles and anything else that the online dating site required we look at. Are you aware that 20 million is twice the population of Australia? In taking these details into account, the specialists should be arguing that less is more and quality of singles is more important than the quantity of available singles in my area. We all know that online dating is about matching two people together, but surely it's the quality of the site, its clarity, independence and commitment to its market that ensures that two people find romance, or whatever they desire. If I'm search for available singles in my area, do I care about members that live a thousand miles away? Does this service have a danger of going the same way as the local stores when the Super Nationals type of store such as Walmart and Target came along and created, a less specific but more variety packed superstore? Will we lose the exclusive sites to one monster that controls the destiny of every available single person out there? I don't think so. Online dating is about seeing that the member gets the quality match he or she is looking for, including the search for available singles in my area alone. People are not cattle, wheeling them in and wheeling them out will only create a site for those who will never be able to decide which one is the right one.