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People are always so quick to tell you about any unscrupulous individuals they meet on the Internet, but it is very rare when people freely offer up the many success stories that occur as a result of meeting on some Internet dating site. Although it’s becoming more and more common to find a relationship on the Internet, people are still a little hesitant to say the met the love of their life online. Which is kind of funny since there are so many online dating success stories out there and really should alleviate some of the hesitancy of admitting it really works! Join
One of the most important aspects of creating your very own online dating success story is to choose the right dating site for what you are actually looking for. If fitness is your thing then find an online dating site catering to those that are into working out and a healthy lifestyle, motorcycles and tattoos? A specific religion? There are specifically themed dating sites on the Internet that cater to most interests and desires. Most online dating success stories have one key factor in common, that is the people writing them are honest in their profile. We have all heard about the first time meetings in which the people could barely recognize each other or lied about some important element of who they really are. These meetings rarely turn into lasting relationships. I had heard about one couple who both explained about who they were and what they were looking for and when they finally met it turned out that they both exceeded their expectations and are still together today. Moral of the story, if you truly want to meet someone special, be honest. When it comes to honesty, nothing shows this more than a few recent and accurate pictures. Recent means this year, nothing kills an online relationship faster than pictures that are old or do not represent what you really look like. If you are self-conscious of gaining some weight or losing a bit more of your hair than you’d like, let it be shown in your recent photos. Think about how much worse you will feel when you meet in person and you are found out to be a fraud. One online success story that started off on a slippery slope but became a true love story was one in which a young woman posted a picture of herself about 30 lbs. thinner than she actually was but wrote in her description that she had recently gained the weight and was trying her best to lose it. A personal trainer who had once been very overweight contacted her daily to give her advice and motivation and eventually not only helped her drop the weight but they are now a husband and wife personal training and lifestyle change team. Your success story is out there waiting to happen. You don’t have to necessarily be patient to get it, you just need to decide what things are important to you and then use the power of the Internet to find someone who feels the same way!