Females Powers Of Seduction

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Although the strongest and most handsome usually are the crème of the crop in real life, the Internet has significantly leveled the playing field, allowing the smartest and most resourceful to compete to an extent for the affections of others with the best provider quite often winning the prize. Join
Ever since the earth has turned, men have had an obsession with women. In a majority of cases, if you look between the lines of a man's existence you will see that dating women is very high on the, "to do list". So what is it that makes a man tick in this way? Is it the instinct of reproduction and his desire to spread his fertile seed, or is it the females powers of seduction? Maybe, whatever the answer is, and we're sure Mother Nature has it, men will be dating women until the end of time. Darwin had it correct with his theory on survival of the fittest as natural selection is as true today as it was eons ago. The strong are the ones to survive and go on to reproduce, but even more important on the evolutionary scale is the ability to adapt. This holds particularly accurate in today's relationship pool.

Online dating has given men a new avenue to find their perfect match. They no longer need to express themselves in a certain way to gain the attention of admiring women. So the question we can ask ourselves is, has online dating taken away a fundamental process in the meeting of two people? Is it possible to give the showmanship, the entertaining, expression of intelligence and provide the core reason as to why two people have an attraction for each other in online dating? As we have stated before the ability to adapt is the most significant trait in evolution and in today's technology dependent world, those that possess special skills and expertise utilizing such online technology will have the best chance at what they desire, in this case women.

In the animal kingdom it's clear that the mating process works by the stronger, more colorful, more flamboyant and the more dominant "getting the lions share" male. Although not entirely obvious, the same can be adapted to men dating women. Men who are strong, handsome, confident and intelligent are sure to be first in the dating women lottery and this is an instinctive drive that cannot be replaced, however convenient. Those that do not possess the physical characteristics that are the first attractant to the opposite sex might not be out of the game, as today's environment is so competitive that the best providers need no longer be the biggest and strongest.

So how can we look at online dating and its effect on men dating women? To be honest it is an excellent benefit. You can never have enough options when trying to meet women. Although online dating plays slightly with our inbred format of wooing the opposite sex, its part is not to replace such important elements within the attraction process, but more to give you a wider audience to find the person you seek. No relationship will continue without the man displaying at least one of his primal attributes to impress the lady. With the advent of the World Wide Web, the territories that can be covered are no longer limited to a small piece of 'turf' which must be constantly battled over in order to retain. Today's online territoriality is so greatly expanded that competing for a female may take place on opposite ends of the globe.