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A Millionaire matchmaking site may have once seemed for the affluent, and elite, this is no longer the case . More wealthy and affluent singles are searching for someone to share their lifestyle with and are willing to look outside their own social circles in order to find a compatible match by using a millionaire matchmaker. Millionaire matchmaking is sometimes referred to as VIP dating, both being somewhat interchangeable terms. No matter which you are speaking of, either a millionaire matchmaking site both involve finding someone that is a suitable match and is willing to be exposed to a different, more affluent way of life. Although Millionaire matchmaking is a process that primarily is done by means of social networking or using a millionaire matchmaker, in which one party might know someone whom they feel would be a good fit with another person; the internet has become the forerunner and taken the lead in bringing together the affluent and the very beautiful in a way that is both simple and efficient. The main reason for using a wealthy, millionaire matchmaking site is its ease of use and entertainment value, as opposed to the old fashioned method of introductions. Can you imagine a wealthy investment banker coming home from a demanding day at the office and sitting down with a glass of a fine merlot, putting on his slippers and finest Hugh Hefner-type smoking jacket for an entertaining evening of perusing the millionaire matchmaking site? OK, maybe that image is a bit retro but the idea is still on target. Rather than coming home from a grueling day, showering, getting dressed fashionably, then hitting the night-spots with the hopes of meeting someone; a wealthy man, or an attractive woman for that matter, can alleviate the need for these steps by just turning on his or her computer and viewing the profiles on the millionaire matchmaking website. Interaction is usually almost instant as a millionaire matchmaking site has some manner of messaging system that allows an individual to introduce themselves and view each other's photographs. From there it completely depends on physical attraction and the chemistry that could be creating by a series of emails, instant messages and eventually phone calls. Once a connection between two people is established, the continuing relationship moves away from the millionaire matchmaking site, and depending upon the geographic differences between the individuals, the next stage can be fast and furious or slow and deliberate, but either way this cyber romance now turns to real life adventures. The transition between the cyber world of the matchmaking site for the wealthy and that of in person activities can be very awkward at the beginning, but understand that the other person may be just as nervous as you. Take this evolution slow and steady and you may be surprised to find that special one in your life.