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The dictionary tells us that the word addictive means "devoted to a particular interest or activity". So can this be applied to Internet dating? Join
In most cases online interaction is a feature dedicated to those wanting to meet singles or to change the direction of their life by being in connection with other like minded individuals. But what is it that can take this great feature of the internet to one of obsession or a facility that can't be helped in being used time and time again. Is it our dedication and commitment in not allowing this to be anything but a success, or is online dating like entering an online community in a different world, like a new social doorway that can assist us to meet singles and new friends alike.

Anything that enters our lives that leaves a positive impression is always going to create a thirst and desire for it to be repeated. In our quest to meet singles some of us have successfully tested the water of online dating, but as an appreciation of what it has done for us do we embrace this success, or do we become reliant and committed to it as a result of the change it has given us.

Is there a remote possibility that we enter a comfort zone and substitute the social encounters of the real world for logging in and speaking with people in a cyber dating environment? If this is the case, has meeting people via the Web made us more remote or created a pathway that is dedicated in helping us meet singles? Quite possibly the right word to add here is "balance". To meet singles requires commitment and a positive use of the facility that you are either most comfortable with or that is most suitable to your lifestyle.

But it must be done with a focus on the end result. We could, if time allowed, be endlessly logging in for the purpose of meeting others and never get the outcome that we are looking for. "Life is what we make it" is a very common phrase and should be considered in nearly everything we do. If we have entered the online dating arena in order to meet singles, we have done that with the purpose of meeting someone to fulfill a gap in our lives. Make a decision to apply the effort to make contact with people and find the person you want. If in the process you find the community of the site a pleasure to be involved with, then that is not a bad thing.

Internet dating is not addictive. It's a route and pathway to fulfill the needs of millions of people. To say that it is addictive would be unfair and probably inaccurate. To say that it's a facility that offers vast opportunity to meet singles is probably a better way to put it. We presume in some ways it would be right to say "if it works for you, don't fix it". Just be focused on what you want it to deliver and you will achieve your goals sooner.