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There comes a time in every man's life where he feels that he has 'arrived'. All his hard work has paid off and it's now time to enjoy the fruits of his labor and get a trophy wife. Join
The fancy sports car, the exceptionally large home and the Former model, formerly called 'arm candy and currently called 'the trophy wife.' The car and home are easy to find as one can hire someone to do that, however, would a person know where to find your trophy prize, that medallion, and who would they trust to assist in such an endeavor? If a person is sharp and open to suggestions as well as being just a bit different, they may understand that where to find your trophy wife is not all that difficult.

The most important thing to realize when contemplating where to find that trophy wife is that attractive women are themselves engaging in a time honored activity, and are searching for their own status symbol called sugar daddy or top tier provider themselves. So when asking where to find your trophy wife, a person may really be asking where would a beautiful woman be looking for me! The local bar and grill is fine if you want to grab a quick bite with some friends, down a few pitchers of beer and watch Sunday football, free from the encumbrances of a wife, girlfriend or significant other. It is also not the place that one will be on the prowl for that special someone, that symbol of status, although it could possibly happen.

When it is finally time to go out on the prowl, put some serious thought into how to find the prize, your trophy wife, think about what type of woman you are hoping to meet. If an intelligent, educated woman is what is desired, learn what bistros or martini bars are frequented by such women. If a man is looking for the exquisite model type, he must understand that they want to be seen and then dress for success and frequent those establishments that are a Mecca for the fashionistas and Artsy types. Deciding where to find your trophy wife should be just a matter of defining your status requirements, and being seen in public by not only the good-looking woman but her friends as well. If you are successful, you may already have some female friends who can give you the 411 on what types of women gather at various night spots. Remember, that they to are on the prowl and would certainly point you in the right direction as long as you are willing to give up the status of the good looking new associate or partner at your firm, to their desires as well!.