How Love And Health Are So Closely Entwined

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What is good for a persons well being? Humor, happiness, vitamins, exercise and either love and health, or happiness in partnership area. Join
Of course this isn't the perfect recipe to a long and successful life, but it will certainly help make a smoother pathway in life. Humor, love and health have long been connected, laughter is the best medicine and the Patch Adams theory have gone some way in suggesting that if one is happy, they are healthy as well. So, can love and health be applied with to achieve happiness? One way of looking at it is if someone can die from a broken heart, they can certainly live longer if their heart was strong from romance. They are opposites and therefore they must hold at least some truth. To elaborate slightly and get a better angle to our theory we should understand our happiness and how it is made. If we can understand that love and health are interrelated, we can move on to getting more of it. The crash bang wallop of someone you liked agreeing to go on a date, or when someone first says that they love you is incomparable and brings the word happy to a completely new level. Life has just given you a place in the stars and everyone is a friend who simply must hear the news. Eddie Murphy in the film Coming to America summarized this when things went well for him in trying to get his relationship working with McDowell's daughter. His smile lit up the city and he danced in every step he took. In very many films, love is portrayed as the immovable object that will defeat all evil and give an everlasting existence to those that experience it. Its everlasting we are taught but although that simply may not be true, at the moment of being in true bliss, there is no more of an accurate statement. Love and health is happiness and that is a very difficult thing to deny. Love and health, and happiness are all elements of a happy relationship. There are many more elements that create a certain future within that relationship and in some ways these are just as important since love is created by experiencing the smaller things within the partnership. It's very complicated, but also very simple. Health and happiness are in perfect harmony when effort, humor and passion are in the room. Romance can not simply survive on its own. It requires the fuel of life's living to give it power and impression. So with all this said, can we now agree that being healthy in life is partly contributed by being healthy and in a great relationship. For those just beginning in a relationship were sure they couldn't agree more, for those that have just ended one, were sure they couldn't agree less. The key here is not to dictate to a preferred audience who will do nothing but agree but to highlight that happiness comes not from a few jokes, but from the deeper, more meaningful elements that we have as people. Love and health and then laughter are the basic ingredients to a great relationship, if a person can add to that, then many other positive things will follow in suit.