The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dating Latin Women.

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Having lived in Miami for most of my life I have been fully immersed in the Latin culture. This includes learning about the important holidays, foods from each Latin country and most of all the do’s and don’ts of dating Latin women. If you think all the same rules apply to dating a Latina as they are for dating an Anglo girl, boy have you got an adventure ahead of you. Here is some great advice when dating a Latina woman that I have found through trial and error. They may make your life much easier! Join
Time runs differently for Latin women then it does for… well, almost everyone else. I was once invited to a party at a Latin friend’s house which was supposed to start at 7pm. I arrived fashionable late at 7:30 and found I was the first guest to arrive. Had I gotten their about 8:30 I would have been one of the first guests to arrive but closer to time when everything started picking up. Keep this in mind when you invite your Latina girlfriend to a party, dinner or anything at which a specific time is designated. Have tickets to a concert at 8pm? Tell her the concert starts at 7pm and you’ll only be a little late. When dating a Latina woman, it may often seem as if you are dating her entire family as well. This is because you pretty much are. Latin families are exceptionally close knit and getting approval from her family and friends goes a long way in how she sees you as long term potential. While we are on the subject of her family and friends, remember that unless it is some special or intimate occasion you will probably have several members of her inner circle going along with you. This may not seem like a big deal but when everyone is speaking Spanish and you feel like the odd man out you’ll better understand what I am talking about. What makes it worse is when your girlfriend starts to tell you what they are saying, making you feel like a 2nd grader and then before finishing the translation jumps back into her conversation in Spanish. If you have been learning a bit of conversational Spanish, do not try it out on them, imagine the speed of rain during a hurricane compared to maple syrup dripping out of a container, nobody is that patient. You can however try to talk to a relative who speaks little English as you both are working off a learning curve and making some effort. Her culture may be as important to her as breathing is to you, so take this into consideration when telling her how things are done where you come from. Basically, don’t say anything, different Latin countries have different cultural biases. What might seem inconsequential to you might set her off on a long and loud explanation of why you are an idiot! Finally, remember that going out to dinner at a casual restaurant might mean jeans and a tee shirt for you, but for a beautiful Latina girl it may mean only 2 hours of getting ready and make-up rather than 1. She will always want to look her best and although she won’t come right out and say it, she expects you to look good too. Dating a Latina woman is often an exercise in patience and understanding, but if you are looking for a girl who lives life with passion and wants to share it with you, consider yourself a very fortunate man!