Dating Advice For The Second Date

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As scary as it can be to ask someone out for a first date, the fear of asking for a second date can be even more unnerving. Asking someone out on a first date is pretty cut and dry either they say yes or they say no, and little substantial time and effort have been used, but the second date is a direct response to how the first date went. So, the best dating advice for the second date actually occurs on the first date. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Join
The best dating advice for the second date is the same for almost every date, you not only have to speak in such a way as to keep your date’s interest, but even more so you need to be a good listener. Talking about yourself is all well and good but if you really want to make an impression listen and give lots of feedback. This shows you are paying attention and what they have to say is interesting to you. Feedback is not just the spoken word, but body language and facial expressions as well. Ask questions about what your date is saying, you will learn a lot about that person and whether there should even be another date. If you’ve done everything right on your first date, which you probably kept a bit shorter than you may have liked, it may now be time to expand on the things you want to talk about. This does not mean to start offering up really personal information just yet, and for goodness sake do not start talking about your ex and why you broke up. If things continue, this type of information will come out in little bits and pieces rather than in a flood of information that the other person really doesn’t want to hear about just yet. They are still deciding whether you are worth additional effort. This brings us to another little bit of second date advice, don’t get yourself drunk on the first or second date. It’s amazing the bad judgement a person may have while a bit tipsy. If you’ve secured a second date then more than likely the things you did on the first date where correct, so now it’s time to continue and enhance these things. Dress at least as well, if not better than you did on the first date. This will show that it was not a one-time thing and that you take pride in your appearance. Be on time, let the other person know that you are courteous and considerate all the time and do not forget to turn off the ringer on your phone or better yet shut it off altogether. Reading texts or answering your phones during a date shows that there are other things more important to you at this moment. The best dating advice for a second date is really to just be yourself. If you are a confident and courteous person this will show, and are very attractive qualities. If you act like a person who is desperate or distracted, well, tone it down because it will all come at eventually and if the other person is on the fence about you it may tip the scale against any future dates. The truly best things to know about second dates is that the other person saw enough in you to want to know more. Just be yourself and enjoy!