How To Safely Give Out Your Contact Details To A Potential Date

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So, you’ve been chatting with someone that seems incredibly interesting on your favorite online dating site. You get that undeniable feeling that there may be more than just casual flirting and you both feel that it may be time to take this to the next level and begin actually talking on the phone and give them your off-site email address. You are all set to do this but something in the back of your head tells you to be very cautious and that you should think twice before giving out any of your personal information or contact details. There are some ways you can take this potential relationship to the next level by knowing how to safely give out your contact details. Join
One of the first things we suggest you do before giving out any contact details on the Internet is to create a few “throw away” email accounts. These are free email accounts you create with any of the big email providers that you will use for the specific purpose of off-site contact with those individuals you meet online. They are very handy in the event you had given your email address to someone who turns out to be less than desirable, won’t take no for an answer or possibly just begins to creep you out. With an email account such as this you won’t feel bad about just shutting down the account as it has very few ties to your directly. Another excellent method to safely give out your contact information, although a small cost is involved to purchase what is commonly referred to as a burner phone. This is a cheap cell phone with a pay as you go or prepaid minutes plan. They are generally very cheap and much like the throw away email account, not a huge loss if you feel the need to stop all contact with those you have given that phones number to. You really just need to use some good old fashioned common sense. So often people get caught up in the excitement of meeting a potential significant other that they throw good judgement right out the window. You really don’t want to let people know where you live or show pictures of your children until you have had quite a few in person encounters with that person and know quite a bit about them and their life. You need to take sufficient time to evaluate that person and the things that you may involve yourself with. Meeting new and exciting people on the Internet and online dating sites is incredibly effective, efficient and especially entertaining, you just need to go into it much like you would meeting someone at a club or night spot. You wouldn’t give someone all your personal information right when you first meet them. You would take your time and feel them out a bit. It’s the same online, except you have options to stay in contact with them without the issue of them knowing where you live and what you do, etc. Use common sense and the tips we mentioned previously and you are sure to have a great and safe time!