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By following some basic time tested principles, a person can increase their chances of being successful at dating. The first thing an individual needs to do is to decide exactly what type of person they are looking for. Join
This may seem like a no-brainer but a person would be surprised how many people haven't got a clue as to what type of individual they are seeking and as a result tend to date people they are not compatible with, this can occur when listening to others about dating and relationship advice. For example if a gentleman is a quiet person who prefers to stay at home and watch sports all day long and they are dating a woman who is very sociable and goes out dancing on a regular basis, chances are the two are not going to get along very well. Compatibility is extremely important when it comes to dating so one should be very clear and honest as to the type of individual one is looking for. When preparing for a date it is crucial that one understands proper personal hygiene and grooming. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and neglect of personal hygiene may cause social problems when out on a date or in the company of other people. The most common problem for many individuals is bad breath which can be easily remedied by brushing the teeth, using mouthwash or sucking on a mint candy. Remember, no amount of dating and relationship advice can overcome bad hygiene. Hair and nails should be kept neat at all times and bathing daily is an absolute must! One might consider wearing a cologne or perfume that is not too overpowering but enough of a scent to draw the other person Closer. Those that are quick to give dating and relationship advice always say that very effective way of getting a date to feel comfortable is the by the use of humor. Laughter has a way of putting individuals at ease with each other and is a wonderful way to reduce stress and tension that may exist between two people when out on a date. It's very simple, make a date laugh and you'll find them smiling all evening long. A person's body language can be used for or against them, so be aware of what subtle messages your bodily gestures are giving off when out on a date. Be conscious of posture as this sends a clear message about one's self-esteem or lack thereof. It is important to make direct eye contact with a date as this will let that individual know you are not only confident but also interested in what that person is saying. Books giving dating and relationship advice may call this 'presence'. Learning about body language can also help better understand the individual you are out on a date with so it might not be a bad idea to do a little research on this silent but very telling language. If looking for a meaningful long-term relationship then it is highly recommended to be as honest as possible with the person you are dating. Trying to be someone you are not will only hurt in the long run and will be a complete waste of time for both. One of the key factors when discussing dating and relationship advice is knowing that honesty is always the best policy especially when it comes to dating. So if one finds themself suddenly playing the dating game, remember to the follow the above suggestions along with some common sense and you'll soon discover this is one game it's not hard to be a success at.