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When we apply this term to the relationships in our lives or when we try to meet other individuals there are probably very few that we consider our companion. In fact, traditionally, most people have one of these; one true person they know they can rely on who is consistently there for them. These are not those that come and go from your life; they are constants. For some, it may be a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, and for others, it is a close friend.

While we can all say we have a circle of acquaintances, not all friends can be considered companions. In thinking about companions, it's easy to categorize who they are and how people came to become such close friends, as well as any level of intimacy with each other; there are the ones at the workplace, companions known through the children's school or activities, friends met through other friends, and possibly even a wide selection of mere acquaintances. While some may be closer than others, when meeting people and many acquaintances, the one true one is the one person to not hesitate for an instant, sharing the deepest, darkest secret with. There would be little hesitation in accompanying him or her to any event, whether it is a funeral or a party. This is a truly symbiotic relationship and are both very content to be in each others' company.

Companions are great; they are the ones that will stand beside you during the darkest days and still be there when the sun comes out in the best of times. They help us feel secure and stable in knowing they will always be there. While there may be romance involved, enhancing the relationship and strengthening the bond, romance is not always a necessary component in how very close companions live. Whether you are romantically involved or not, just be thankful to have this person in your life.