Celebrity Dating And Relationships Can Definitely Work

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Are you one of the people that are inexplicably drawn to the celebrity magazines at the local market's checkout counter? If someone asked why like those publications so much, would you even KNOW? Chances are, of course, but one would be hesitant to admit dreaming of living a fantastic lifestyle like they do and even celebrity dating. Join
We all do at some point or another; some people think about the money celebrities earn, others dream about the clothes they get to wear in true Hollywood fashion, and the paparazzi that follow them. We all wish we could HOOKUP with a famous celebrity! Ever found yourself day dreaming at work at what it would be like to walk down the red carpet on Oscar night on the arm of actors and actresses as Orlando Bloom or Cameron Diaz? Celebrity dating has crossed all our minds at one point or another. Imagine how it would be like to walk through the door after a hard day at work and find George Clooney or Diane Lane cooking an intimate dinner for two. Naturally, this is not the reality of the world in which we live; in order to hookup with a famous celebrity or A-Lister, it's more about who you know than who we wish we knew. Go to places where people that do celebrity hair, manicures, where they dine, etc. Then talk about the pitfalls about how tumultuous it would be to be with someone chased by the paparazzi, etc. It's not as glamorous as one might think, etc. Whether its star dating star or a famous individual with their assistant or someone they met at the beach, Celebrity dating captures center stage on the Internet blogs and the checkout counter of the Supermarket, because they enjoy Hollywood gossip. What are people willing to give up in order to hookup with a famous celebrity star? Will their life be scrutinized as much as the person with the fame and fortune? Look what happened to the daughter of the Governor of Alaska during her run for the Vice Presidency of the United States, she and her boyfriend were mercilessly hounded and vilified in the media by the paparazzi. This continued for sometime after the elections and possibly led to their break-up. Celebrity dating of a star has consequences, not just for the well known figure but for anyone who is constantly seen with them. So when deciding if one wants to set their sights on dating those in the public eye, first understand the effects that a hookup may impose upon a person. But in the end, if entertainers such as Brittany Spears or Eva Longoria set their sights on me, I would find it pretty difficult to play hard to get.