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Everybody at some point in their lives is a bit lonely, there are even wealthy singles looking for love. Sometimes they are actively searching for it and at other times it hits them smack on the head when they least expect it. It makes no difference what station in life you occupy or what age or race, that little cupid at some moment of your existence is going to nail you with one of his famous arrows. Many people sometimes say that when loves comes knocking, you must be prepared to let it in, however I am of the belief that you can never be truly prepared and must just roll with the situation as it finds you. Wealthy singles looking for love are just as likely to be searching for that special someone as those who have less material wealth and affluence. The only difference is the methods and the places that their pursuit takes place. While those less fortunate can find the exact same feelings brought about by finding that significant other, they may not be able to look not only in the same places, but for the same types of individuals as well. Most people feel more comfortable with those who inhabit the same social circles as themselves, and the same, or close to, an equal economic situation as well. This just makes common sense as equality removes many of the obstacles and restraints found in relationships. Wealthy singles looking for love, especially men, they can go about it in numerous ways. The most common of these methods is the introduction to a possible date via friends, family or colleagues. Finding love in this manner usually ensures some level of common interests and goals, as those setting up this potential relationship already know and understand how the two individual lifestyles may mesh. It is much more difficult for one person to be very wealthy and the other to be of much more modest means, as this tends to put on person in a type of culture shock. This can only add stress to the relationship and potentially instill a feeling of inferiority to someone involved. To an affluent person hoping to begin a long term relationship, the entire world may serve as his or her singles bar. Very little is out of reach for this type of individual and first dates may seem like another world to someone who is not familiar with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. For the wealthy singles looking for love, all it takes is an open mind, a bit of honesty and a large bank account, and then the world is their oyster.