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Women admire self made millionaires, as the entire world has a high regard for anyone who has beat the odds and seized the world by its ears and take on the challenge of making a better life for themselves and those around them. Join
When looking at the wealthier sector of the population, it could be said that one comes into money one of two ways: through hard work and determination or through birthright. Being born into money, unlike the self made millionaires is more or less by chance; it could have happened to any one of us. The wealthy men that are born into money are generally referred to as trust fund kids, where private schools and living a life of privilege become routine. These are not men and women that will have the same problems with money as middle class America; they are the portion of society that will worry about the return on their investment portfolios, which Porsche to take to the country club and who they are being seen with. For society's elite, life is quite different than for the self made millionaires. For those not born with the proverbial Silver Spoon in their mouths, success may take shape through the form of hard work and perseverance. Unlike those born into money, self-made millionaires tend to be very driven and goal-oriented; a trait to admire, but the long hours it takes to be successful can put a damper his personal life as he builds his business. Contrary to popular belief, women favor this class of men over gentleman that come from wealthy families. Self-made millionaires are viewed as the ultimate provider; one that has the knowledge and real world experience to maintain a standard of living when their wealthy adversaries may exhaust their inheritance. Women admire a man that works hard and is grounded in his roots, a man that is seen as the foundation of the family and a good role model for possible children later on. This is not to say that women do not admire men for other reasons, there are individuals who have been born into great wealth that have used their good fortune to help others, these philanthropists are certainly to be admired by all, as the needs of the less fortunate are not forgotten by these men. It can also be noted that self made millionaires are more likely to remember their own struggles and therefore possibly be more willing to assist others in their own great efforts. It is therefore important to distinguish between the man who has built his empire and those who have been given their legacy but even more important to appreciate what they do with it. The fact that a man has created a life for his family and his significant other, after starting with little, is just a demonstration of what a good attitude and a strong will can accomplish. Women admire and long to date self made millionaires as they are evidence of Darwinian dating. The ones that are most able to survive and date, do.