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It is a widely accepted fact that a person's upbringing and internal influences during childhood directly shape their attitudes, opinions, of thinking differently, and even the path they will choose as they go through the rest of their life. A direct example of this may be the disparity between the ways the wealthy or rich affluent men think, and the way those in the middle class think. It forces us to sometimes wonder do rich men think differently than everyone else. Consider someone born into an affluent life of privilege and opportunity; a child that is handed everything before they even recognize a need for it will have definite ideas about how the world works. A child that routinely sees his or her role models work hard for what they need and even harder for luxury items they may want will have yet a different view on the world. Not to say one is right or wrong; they are just different. It's just that rich men think differently. Consider these two social classes yet again, but now think of their external influences.. how are they treated publicly' The more affluent of the two may be socially recognized and revered, while the 'Average Joe' may blend into the background and frankly, prefer it that way. The wealthy are often afforded perks and opportunity the rest of us may never see; backstage passes at a big concert event, free hotel suites, extravagant meals or wine 'on the house'. To the rich and wealthy, these are entitlements. In their eyes, they (or presumably, their family, depending on the situation) have worked hard for what they have and they deserve public recognition and their time in the spotlight. Rich men have certain expectations; they expect to be treated a certain way, they expect people to act a certain way when in their presence, they expect things will be in the order they prescribe. Rich men think differently because they are brought up differently. Those that work hard for what they achieve in the middle class also have expectations, but they are usually a bit more simplistic and less demanding. The average blue collar worker expects to put in a full day's work so he can pay his bills, put food on the table and hopefully even sock some money away for a rainy day. In the course of events, he expects he will be afforded some down time to relax, unwind and maybe even spend a week on a beach somewhere. These are things the average member of society thinks about, but the wealthy assume. While all evidence points toward 'yes, rich affluent men think differently than everyone else', the only way to know for sure is to find one and ask him.