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We've all heard the saying it's just as easy to love a wealthy man as it is to love a poor man but the question that comes to mind is should I only date millionaires? The answer to that question depends on what one is looking for. Too frequently we tend to categorize things in our life, and much of that time we don't do it adequately. To begin the adventure searching for that rich affluent gentleman on the World Wide Web, a person must first decide on the criteria or attributes that person must have when deciding to only date millionaires or other wealthy men. If a woman is one who frequently dreams about experiencing the finer things in life, when asking should I only date millionaires, he might just be what she is looking for. Some of the wonderful things to experience when out on a date with a wealthy individual might be dining at the finest restaurants, traveling to exotic locations, attending upper class social events and being treated like a queen. After all, when a woman chooses to partake in an upscale rich lifestyle she needs to prepare for that which awaits. For many women who wonder should I only date millionaires? it isn't just about being with a wealthy affluent individual, it's about being with a person who is well spoken, confident and goal driven which are qualities a great deal of successful rich men possess. Many times it is said that a person with such attributes can't help but to succeed. A woman will have to realize however that there are numerous degrees of success as well. If you only date millionaires, it can be difficult if one doesn't know where to look. You're most likely not going to find such affluent gentlemen hanging around a local bar or club. These successful individuals tend to stay within their own circle of friends which makes meeting such affluent men unlikely, but that has all changed now that Internet online dating has become a major part of our lives. Should I only date millionaires is now a question any woman can ask herself. A person now has the same access to such affluent individuals as anyone else, but it also brings the competition for this wealthy gentleman to a higher level. The days of dreaming about what it would be like to only date millionaires may soon be a thing of the past thanks to online dating sites such as The time has never been better than right now to experience the lifestyle of the rich you've often felt you deserved but were unable to obtain. Getting back to the original question "should I date only millionaires", I think that all depends on what expectations a person has for themselves. If living the good life of the rich is what you are after, then expecting the best and getting it will be the goal of every individual.