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If you go to any of the fashionable restaurants. bars or clubs in major cities they will always come across the Sugar daddy scenario where wealthy millionaires are dating glamorous models. Money and power always have and always will be an attraction. You see it in on television all the time where the older established gentleman has the younger attractive women on his arm. This relationship with a bit more of an age gap is not uncommon and definitely seems more accepted and fashionable in today's society. Speaking of Fashion it is now ordinary to find millionaires dating glamorous models. This was once confined to the shadow realm of society is now pretty much a mainstream occurrence. What could be the attraction of wealthy men? Well the list really is endless, let’s start by saying financial freedom, often millionaires and other wealthy successful men are very confident individuals who have dedicated themselves to their work, which usually makes for a focused individual. For some women this is very appealing, due to them showing that they took a task in hand and made a success of it. With millionaire men also comes many different opportunities which are not be available to the average man. Let's face it, if everyone accepted average, no one would be able to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, and we should all try and become the best that we can be. This is why when we find millionaires dating glamorous models we also see two dissimilar groups who socialize in the same circles. Whether or not a person is wealthier or prettier, everyone is just a bit different and unique, and as such are judged accordingly. Glamorous models even though the majority are not usually financially successful, are usually found at those places that millionaires frequent, to get noticed and give themselves the opportunity to find millionaires dating models. This may seem to some as shallow, but not every relationship lacks depth as I'm sure there are plenty of that which we would deem 'normal' relationships that may have been done out of convenience or should never have happened, but were not questioned as they were not out of the ordinary, meaning average man average women. Under the right circumstances any relationship has the opportunity for progression and success whether there is an age gap or a lack of financial freedom. Lots of people today are turning to internet dating which can give a person the opportunity to meet someone that they would not have met in their everyday life. This concept has also given attractive women who are not super models the chance to mingle with wealthy affluent men from the convenience of their own home. Just remember that an attractive woman sitting at home in front of her computer in her living room, you have an incredible chance of meeting that special someone who may be looking for the same thing. To find millionaires dating just attractive women is easier than most would think. All that is needed is to create a profile on an upscale dating site and take your love life to a new level.