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For many women life can be a struggle and at times quite frustrating. We all desire to experience the finer things in life but for some individuals it's simply out of their reach, which is why so many women have turned to dating a millionaire. Getting ahead in the world can be a very difficult proposition and any assistance could come in the form of an affluent benefactor, who at the least can aid in meeting other influential individuals, or in a perfect world become that special someone you have been waiting for. The question that comes to mind is, is dating a millionaire different than dating the average Joe? Well I guess the answer to that question depends on who is asked. We all have our own set of values and desires, however we all long for a lifestyle of convenience, enjoyment and even luxury. When dating the average Joe we've all heard stories of couples going through hard times and not being able to afford some of the things that we all would like to have and do. Things such as traveling, attending upper class social events or fine dining to name a few. When dating a millionaire, expect to do such things on a regular basis. Although there can be tough times in such a relationship as well, that roller coaster will almost certainly still be above where it began. It's surprising to know that most women are not attracted to dating a millionaire just because of their money but because these men possess certain characteristics that females find attractive. If one thinks about it, obtaining wealth of any great significance requires confidence and knowing what is required out of life and having the courage and determination to go after it. It is such characteristics that many women are attracted to in a man which the average Joe may be lacking. The regular guy who has such qualities, usually doesn't stay regular for too long and he himself may join the ranks of the elite. Affluent successful men also tend to be well spoken, well mannered and cultured. Now this doesn't mean that a man without wealth isn't capable of having these qualities, but generally speaking it is the wealthy man who will possess such qualities not the average Joe. So getting back to the original question which was "is dating a millionaire different", I think it is safe to say yes and the differences are quite obvious. Whether you are looking for a casual relationship or something much more serious, the thing to keep in mind is finding someone that is compatible. If you will be spending significant time with this individual and quite often when relationships begin for all the wrong reasons, you may be willing to take out a mortgage on the family home to get the heck out of it! If one chooses wisely, you may have just opened the gateway to all dreams coming true. It's true that a person doesn't need to be rich to have a heart of gold nonetheless, at the same time there are many wealthy men who do have values and character and it's quite possible these individuals may be just a click away.