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Having been a single girl for a while now, and had never given much thought on how to catch a millionaire, I've had plenty of time to contemplate the inner workings of the dating scene. In fact, I think I have TOO much time to turn thoughts and ideas over in my brain since I was sitting in Starbucks the other day watching well dressed businessmen come in for their afternoon pick-me-up and found myself wondering how a girl like me could find some attractive, successful wealthy men for myself. Short of rigging up a big Maytag refrigerator box with the branch of a tree tied to a rope and baiting it with caviar and champagne (think old Bugs Bunny cartoons but on a larger scale), how would a typical American girl catch a millionaire? For starters, let's be practical? a true millionaire would probably send his/her staff to go after the bait in your box; so aside from any other real-life obstacles, the box trap probably wouldn't work. So what will work if you are looking to meet someone belonging to the more affluent, jet set crowd? From what I have witnessed, as an outsider looking in on this lifestyle, a common misconception is that beauty is a prerequisite to catch a millionaire. I would argue this point by contending that intelligence and a sparkling personality can make someone that is viewed as a Plain Jane seem a charismatic magnet with the appeal of her laughter and an air of self-confidence. Certainly, it helps to have better than average looks and look great in a cocktail dress, but it is essential to have the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. You want to be able to accompany your partner to cocktail parties and business dinners when the opportunity arises! Just as a fisherman may use a variety of lures and baits, so must the young woman when attempting to determine what her quarry is currently biting on. Her arsenal must include looks, but intelligence is just as much of an inducement for the millionaire to bite. Looks will definitely initially attract the successful wealthy men to you, but knowledge of current events, business or the arts will definitely entice him to bite. Alright, so we now know that above average looks and intellect has a large role in determining how to catch a millionaire, so what might we still need to seal the deal? Putting all these things together are the key to catching a millionaire, but you still need to present yourself in social situations where the well-to-do gentlemen are congregating. This may be a cocktail party, a trendy night spot or merely a chic cultural event, but no matter where it is, you must be ready willing and able to open the door, when opportunity knocks.