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If you've ever been sitting in a trendy restaurant and noticed a mature gentleman sitting with a gorgeous young woman, you undoubtedly have thought about two things; how the heck did he get her and why don't I have one. Well, the truth is that you can, if you can afford the maintenance and understand what it is that you want and what she is looking for in return.

There always seems to be a time in our lives when we just feel that there is something missing. Maybe it's our partially misspent youth, or maybe it's just that we've joined the ranks of those wealthy singles, and have made a conscious decision to add a bit more spice to our dating lives. We've all seen a bit of this phenomenon taking place in every fine dining establishment and every upscale shopping mall, this being, wealthy affluent men going out with young attractive women. Wealthy men dating young good looking women, has been around forever, however it is no longer amongst the ranks of the socially and morally unacceptable, as more and more vibrant, striking women are looking to find a rich sugar daddy.

Is it wrong for a woman to want something more out of life? Perhaps she is looking to find an affluent man with more stability and security in their life, as the men she had previously dated have had to count their pennies and struggle to pay their own bills, let alone assist in showing someone else a better than average lifestyle. It seems women have always known that wealthy men dating younger attractive women is no different than traditional dating, the big difference is a generally more stress free relationship.

Wealthy and affluent men dating young gorgeous women is like a badge of accomplishment, as it signals to the rest of the world that they have taken on what the world has thrown in their path and conquered it. It is as old as time itself, the stronger, more fit will be more capable of having their choice of the female population. Wealthy men dating fine-looking and intelligent women can be thought of as a form of dating Darwinism as only the strong can compete for their preferred mates.