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Mon Jan 11, 2010
i thought this sight was a place to meet people that could if luck is there turn to one great relationship! i only joined yesterday and looking at some of the comments in the forum its all seems to be focusing round money. yes i am looking for a wealthy man but other things come into it too. i am weathy myself so its not his money i am after! if people are wanting to meet for companionship, etc and the men want to have women to spoil good luck to them i say but i would rather it was happening else where. my fault really i should have read into the title more then the captions of finding true love.... but dont assume all of us are on because we cant afford the finer things ourselves!
Mon Jan 11, 2010
Everyone has a different opinion of what this means to them. For me it allows me to help my loved ones when they need it. I made the decision to retire at 32 and not keep trying to add to my bank balance. Now I have the time to travel, relax, learn Spanish and live in different places and maybe share that with someone special that I could meet off this site...wink...wink..:P
Mon Jan 11, 2010
I joined this site because I want to find a strong, confident, intelligent, independent man that is not intimidated by that in a woman. If that someone can be called a sugar daddy than they do not need me for anything but me.
Mon Jan 11, 2010
I joined today hoping to find a man with passion and drive, A man that spoils me and lavishes me as I deserve and I spoil him with my attention and affection as he deserves. I want a man not a boy and I find the dream of a Sugardaddie/Sugarbaby relationship is the perfect relationship.
Sun Jan 10, 2010
I joined this sight 'cause for sure they have a job -and who pays for the date is of less concern than the wonderful time we have together. I have enjoyed a relationship with what some would say a sugar daddy- I loved being wined and dined. There were draw backs though. For instance to see if a man really loves you. Look at what he is willing to give with a sugar daddy- its hard to tell. Look at what he treasures most, time? money? family....... pay attention-if you are looking for love. Like me you'll have fun! but pay attention. The same holds true for women-there, is more than one way to be generous Good Luck
Sat Jan 09, 2010
In some ways perhaps men here are on a different playing field. I assume that most men here have the advantage of living a more privilege lifestyle than the average. Therefore i would hope that they have no issues with confidence and low self esteem, which you sometimes have to peal off the average man just to get through to the real person. I don't know of a define definition for sugar daddy/baby relationship per-say. However, I am grown and too old for the games and the baby-siting of grown men, so coming here i assume that i would get less of those issue to deal with and i could just focus on meeting a real man.
Sat Jan 09, 2010
What does it mean to be a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babe? Being a Sugar Babe means taking care of a Sugar Daddy's needs. Whether those needs are an ear to absorb all of the days stress or just being some hot sexy thing that can help him get his mojo back. It could also mean just hanging out and communicating as a friend. Making him feel appreciated without a commitment in some cases. I think some people just want and need a companion, someone they can trust.
Thu Jan 07, 2010
There is no confusion about the term. I think that people in search of a one night stand should go to a club seeking one night stands.. If you are looking for true love (don't know if this is acceptable to write on the site) I suggest you go to some matchmaking kind of site or perhaps one should be created as ambitious seeks ambitious... I know there are some out there but I am sure that in most of the ladies on this site could not afford the 6000 a year that this entails. Despite being pragmatic (I cannot even believe I am engaging in this discussion), I believe there is a clear definition of an SD/SB relationships. Having worked within the adult industry in the past; an escort is out to get as much as she can as soon as she can with whoever... Using an expression that I loathe, in a nutshell, a SD/SB relashionship is a relationship that entails mutual rewards (to spell it out: Glamour, fun ,education, experience and treats VS Youth, beauty, spirit, sensuality,appreciation and perhaps discretion) If all goes well it should last longer and be truer than an escort encounter. In my mind, it is worth much more as well as being harder to find and entails a deeper level of honesty, connection and understanding. I respect that wealthy people have generally worked very hard for what they have and the fact that the gorgeous girls of the site would probably be unaccessible without a rewarding prospect. Not really advertising for myself here (Bordeaux again) but had to express that. I do not understand the controversy around the SD/SB terminology. I will strongly encourage people that cannot understand this simple concept to not play games with other people or worst still, with themselves... Lora xxx
Wed Jan 06, 2010
Sadly enough most of the men of my generation can't even comprehend half of the things I've immersed myself in. *sighs* In my own opinion a sugar babe should be someone with highbrow tastes...elegant, classy, well much as I might detest myself for saying this, "Well groomed" or in simplified terms a Geisha. An artist very skilled in her craft whatever that may be. Alluring, pleasing to the eyes...stimulating to the mind. A sugar daddy is someone with the sophistication, culture and means to appreciate such company. They are puzzle pieces each complimenting the other's attributes. *Pygromanche*
Sun Jan 03, 2010
I find alot of the men on here want a traveling companion. I agree that the sugar should allow the woman to accompany her daddie anywhere he wants to go. Yes, that means making sure that her bills get paid while she is out galivanting around. Not having to save up for said trip while making sure her work schedual will allow her this time off. I also believe that even if the babe doesn't have the financial means to spoil her daddie there are other ways to spoil him. How many men out there don't enjoy a home cooked meal or a foot massage after a long day. This doesn't mean she has to spoil him in the bedroom. That would be entirely up to said couple as to how she reciprocates his doting. Sad to say, I've been approached by married men for sexual fun. This is not a porn site. If your marriage isn't a happy one, I can understand that. Please don't expect me to travel for hours to meet you, jump in the sac and travel back home. My bank account doesn't allow for that. I'm here because I'm tired of having to support losers on my small income. Sugar is what makes the medicine of life easier to swallow.
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