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Thu Aug 16, 2007
Mon Aug 13, 2007
I joined this site out of curiosity and discovered that many men on this site are worthy people. I agree with other ladies - what is wrong with "screening" a bit for people with brians, ambition, a desire to enjoy life - and yes, some want a chick about 15-20 years younger, but many seem to be looking genuinely for much more. I am mature-aged, but my "dates" often end up being younger (10-15 years younger) as I find that many men my own age are too "old." Ladies, maybe the day has come when it is Not weird for a woman to be interested in men her age and Younger.
Sun Aug 12, 2007
I am assuming that anyone on this site is quite past the stage of chasing dreams; the reality seems to be that there ARE successful men and women out there that have spent a lot of time and effort getting there. Beyond that there are even some of these people that are finally realizing that all that time and effort came at an expense.......and that would be their personal side that just never got the attention it derserved. So this site hopefully caters to those who have realized this! Cheers
Sun Aug 12, 2007
I came to this site as I have used the other sites for years to no avail, overall. My frustration with them ended up in me taking a (4) year hiatus from dating completely. As soon as I learned about this site (recently) I had to sign up. Like many women of my generation (and older), I was raised by my parents that the man always did the invites and the man always paid. That, as women, we have gifts and talents (both sexual and non-sexual) that benefits both the man and the woman. I was raised to be independent and to think for myself and to respect everyone unless the situation warranted otherwise. Chivalry is not dead, nor should it ever be. But it can apply to both men and women. I have no problem-and will go out of my way-to hold a door open for someone if A) they are directly or within a few steps behind me, B) if they have their hands full and could use the help, or c) if it is an elderly or disabled person who is struggling with a door/groceries to their car, etc. I have no problem paying for something if I'm doing the inviting. I try to be a 'straight from the hip' person. I got tired of the men (and women) who feel like they have a point to prove when they go out. Enjoy the person for the moment. Do not do evaluate them using your emotional checklist from relatioinships/dates gone sour.
Tue Aug 07, 2007
After years of having "kindness mistaken for stupidity" I have come to the educated conclusion that a Sugar Daddie represents not just financial accumen, but the mindset which embraces ambition and success. I am highly competitive and driven within my chosen world but have been plagued with partners who were threatened by my ambitions and did all they could to bludgeon, curtail and "clip my wings". A Sugar Daddie understands and admires ambition and will support and reward these qualities. He has the personal success and associated confidence which lifts him above the level of "bloke down the pub / little woman at home making dinner". Us ladies who expect more from life than the mundane 24/7 will never meet a like minded, confident and supportive man on the average appaling dating sites and should have no shame in the concept of Sugar Daddie when we have simply acknowledged the fact that birds of a feather flock together.
Sun Aug 05, 2007
I just joined and my friend asked me how naive are you? I could not understand what he meant until he asked me If a man has 1 million dollars why would he be on here ? My answer was to find someone who is attractive and has potential for a relationship/friendship and he just laughed. I have gone out with men from other sites and found it uneventful and boring. I am on here to meet someone who has intelligence, sophistication, worldly, business oriented and enjoys the finer things in life. I am hoping that my true value of me is worth over 1 million dollars and I can make that one man happy...Am I naive? I don't think so..But from another man's point of view , we are on here for the right reason's , but are the MEN on here for the same?
Sat Aug 04, 2007
I guess the definitions of S/D and S/B have various interpretations thats the point of being an individual, we each have different views. I joined this site specifically because I intend to be a success in my own right and I figured that a man who had already achieved a degree of personal success would feel less threatened by this. No-one has the right to judge someone who's motivations are different. Anyone who said they didn't aspire to finacial security is a liar, how they achieve that is up to them (and doesn't neccessarily make them materialistic!). Any relationship that developes from this site or any other is by mutual agreement. I just know that this site removes the deceptiveness that sometimes occurs in dating, where people have hidden agenda's, at least here you have the oppotunity to be open and upfront. Whether you are seeking material gain, sexual satifaction or looking for a soulmate you can state that openly. People will always make judgements about others with different views but that is human nature. If you can find whatever it is you seek in an honest and open way, that doesn't result in someone being hurt, what is the harm? I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, in whatever form and I wish you all the best in finding them.
Mon Jul 30, 2007
I'm a little surprised at all the men and women who are insulted or annoyed by anyone seeking anything other than strict SD/SB relationships here. Why must everything be so black and white? And why would you be annoyed by someone doing no harm, only seeking their happiness? After all, if they're not seeking the same as you, it's less competition. Be thankful. Everyone, no matter what they look for, deserves happiness. Hopefully they will find it.
Sat Jul 28, 2007
Hi again, it is my second blog about this topic.. I just wanted to say that it doesnt really matter how people precieve this site.. Who cares! What really matters is that you find what you are looking for? Whether it is money, arm candy, fun, companionship, discretion (dont really agree with that one men!) or LOVE! You may find that you set out for one thing or another and find yourself with the complete opposite. Life surprises us when we least expect it. The main thing is that you get what you were looking for and both parties are happy. We all have opinions and thats what makes the interesting. What a boring world it would be if we all thought alike.. Blahhh. FYI, I am here for Love and happiness.. it still does exist! Judy xo
Wed Jul 25, 2007
Being on this site, i've realized that not everone has the same definition of SugarDaddie/SugarBaby relationship. Whatever a person's definition of SD/SB relationship is, they have NO RIGHT to get mad at or insult someone else's interpretation of it. Also MEN: don't get mad if a woman expects material things. (Traditionally a Sugardaddie pays or helps out in some way) -If a woman was JUST looking for true love she'd probally be on which is probally where you should be if these things offend you.
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