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Have you ever been walking down the street and an attractive woman passes you by and your head gets all foggy and you can barely speak? Have there been times when another exotic beauty has been near you and you barely notice she is alive?

Its not just about looks in the 21st century as chemistry has taken hold of the laws of attraction and leveled the playing field. They key is to know which elements to place into the mix, to create this chemistry and make work for you! Attraction is one of the laws of the universe, whether it is describing atoms in quantum physics or two people who casually pass each other during a stroll on the beach. The only minor difference is the reason for that attraction. Atoms are attracted to one another in order to fill a void in their molecules, this is simple and finite. Wealthy men and single women are attracted to one another also to fill a void, but it is not nearly as specific as that of an atom although it too can be very physical. In order to attract the kinds of Ladies you really want to date, you may need to do your homework and learn what women want in a man.

We all know that females are attracted to handsome and physically fit guys and we can also assume that those wealthy men who have better than average bank accounts may find themselves more appealing to members of the opposite sex as well. But even within that select group of good-looking, well-to-do gentleman, there are those that ladies seem to gravitate to more than the others. For this reason we must assume there are certain signals or behaviors that are unique to those individuals that make them more attractive to single women.

Females love the mysterious type and for that reason saying less during a conversation can very well work to your advantage. Remember, in all those old James Bond Movies how 007 could get the girl with merely a look or one of his patented one liners? Well, that may not be to far off from the truth as an appearance of confidence may speak more about a man than words ever could. This method works very well for those that can pull it off, but what about the average looking guy?

When Mother Nature and the gods of genetics have not been kind to you in the looks department, fear not! All is not lost. The Gods in their infinite wisdom have given us lesser attractive men the gift of humor. Humor, although not the great equalizer when it comes to looks can often be a magnet for attractive ladies. Let's face it, gorgeous girls are constantly barraged by males attempting to pursue them, but the wealthy men who can make them smile when all around them is gloomy will display possibilities that will be available long after the looks fade. Combine this with intelligence and average looks don't seem so average anymore.