Dress To Impress For Your Date: Women Love A Well Dressed Single Man

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As a single man who may have recently found a match on the Internet personals. Here are a few small tips about getting a superior edge in the post online personals arena.

The first point of call should be about wardrobe attire, dress to impress, decide on whether the look needs sharpening up a little. When browsing the online classifieds at home, wear whatever your heart desires, as its not important to dress to impress a pet goldfish or dog, but when it goes to the actual date, the rules differ somewhat.

If you think a wardrobe is fashionably up to date and you already dress to impress, it probably isn't and one can never get away with wearing anything that's thrown on in a rush. A single man has the habit of being his most misguided judge and lenient of self criticism.

Internet online dating has not only helped find a date, it's quite likely found reason for a new wardrobe attire too. Shoes, a person may love those three strap, Velcro fastening sandals, but we must all be aware that there is a time and a place for everything but meeting people online isn't one of them. With the sandals now firmly out of the running, it's worth mentioning that statistics suggest a woman's eye goes straight for the foot. To put it simply, they love shoes and can tell a lot about a person by what they are wearing. With this in mind it's probably wise to take an extra minute when attempting to dress to impress in this area in order to carefully select the right shoe.

Sophisticated and smart is the best option in attire. Brogues are smart, but they are predictable, cowboy boots are unusual, but are they for a first date? Shoes are one thing, a watch is the next. Nothing shows success like a man who can dress to impress. These two products alone can the set the single man apart from anyone else. They establish one's identity and are hallmarks of who a person is and what they are about. Omega, Frank Mueller, Rolex, Cartier are all distinctions of class and they make a clear expression of a demand for quality. Don't spend thousands but be sure avoid classic mistakes and do not cheat by making a statement of how exquisite the fakes are in Thailand. Dress to impress but remember that it only takes one incident to ruin a reputation. Better to have nothing, than something that isn't real. In addition, smell nice.

The animal kingdom thrives on natural odors, humans do not. Lastly, dress to impress but sensibly. You have gone to the trouble in online dating to find someone, so make an impression. Stick to what you are comfortable with and don't look at the date as a great opportunity to try some new rough and ready wardrobe look. Believe us, people get the very wrong perception of what rough and ready is, and as a result, it is a style left safely tucked away in someone else's wardrobe attire. Forget open necks and a medallion, Tom Jones' career is over. Think more Andy Garcia and you won't go wrong. On top of that, be courteous and be yourself and always be a gentleman. Now, ever think that your online dating experience required such detail and a need to dress to impress? Good luck and if one goes by these dating rules, luck is the last thing they will need.