Dating Tips

Meeting people online can be fun. Itís great to broaden one's horizons and embrace others around us in helping to achieve a more fulfilling existence. Online dating has given us this capability from the comfort of our own armchairs, but just because youíre searching from the living room, donít let common sense and instincts lessen when making your decisions. Please see our online dating tips for making your online search safe, fun and most importantly, successful.

Online Dating Tip #1

ďHI, my name isĒ Ė This is the most common introduction used. Itís friendly, not intimidating, sounds confident, and is an ideal segue way into getting to know others online. When sharing information online, hereís one important consideration though: when you meet someone in a public venue face to face, do you say ďHi, my name is Jamie, I live just around the corner from here in the new condos they built; are you familiar with that area? Itís really ideal because I work just two blocks down the hill at the Gap.Ē This would make no sense and would not be in your own best interest to do so in person, so donít do it online! Use common sense and take the information exchange slow; be cautious and pay attention to certain questions that may be asked of you; the more comfortable you become, the more apt you may be to let your guard down and share more than may be prudent.


Online Dating Tip #2

This is an easy one: Always be truthful in both your profile and your conversations! Glamorizing or over-exaggerating will eventually be discovered if you choose to actually meet this person, and how embarrassing to be called out on dishonesty! Just donít get too honest too fast (see Tip #1).


Online Dating Tip #3

When reading profiles, and coming across people you may be interested in, donít hesitate to ask for a photo if there is not one posted. Anyone can make themselves look good on paper, but if you are not attracted to the person physically, you may find you spent a whole lot of time conversing with someone youíll later find you have no interest in, in person. While looks arenít everything, we canít deny it adds chemistry, making for a successful match.

Online Dating Tip #4

Donít let the other person Ďdriveí the date.. Both figuratively and literally. Operate on the side of caution and mutually agree on the venue and that you will each arrive in your respective vehicles. Donít let your date dictate where you go, when you go, how you get there, etcÖ this would be a red flag for possible things to come later on and is NOT a situation you want to get involved in.


Online Dating Tip #5

As you surf the net in search of a potential relationship, always be sure to use good judgment. Donít let stories you may hear or commercials on television enchant you to the point that you build things up in your mind only to then get let down or possibly even emotionally or physically in danger. Do not allow yourself to be tempted or forced into any situation you are not absolutely comfortable with. Online dating can be fun and exciting, but please do so intelligently and safely to get the most of not only this experience, but life!


We at want everyone's online dating experiences to be as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to point out certain guidelines with the purpose of ensuring the safety of our members. We at, wish all of our members an enjoyable online dating experience with us.