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All of us as some point during our busy days daydream about what we really want. Sometimes it's about love and romance and at other times it's about winning the lottery. But what if we were among those select few who we think already have it all.

The millionaires who we see driving the exotic imported sports cars, live in the luxurious mansion and always seem to be surrounded by the most attractive people. It all seems so idealistic, but I sometimes have to think about what millionaires really want. Have you ever seen an incredibly wealthy man after the party is over, the boat is docked and the Ferrari is in the garage? Do we honestly care what millionaires really want when the noise dies down and he is alone with his thoughts? Most of us would say no, but in the back of our minds we may wonder what the man who lacks for nothing may actually wish for. We would all love to have the money and power that great wealth brings and the gifts it can buy. Having spent quite a bit of time with men of great wealth at times when there was no one there but the two of us and our cognac induced conversation, I can tell you that what millionaires really want is the same as you and I, happiness.

Although we all wish for great wealth and all the things it can buy us, what we are truly wishing for is happiness, we just differ in how we approach the subject of attaining it. Most of us go through life hoping for that windfall of cash that will take care of all our needs and problems, but what if we had that wealth, would we wish for more? Of course we would, but to understand what millionaires really want is understanding human nature. Even the framers of the United States Declaration of Independence made mention of the pursuit of happiness. Through out the millennia man has chased this dream.

Millionaires can own things but what millionaires really want are great people to share it with. What is great wealth without the ability to use it? This is why we so many affluent individuals on the upscale online dating sites trying anxiously to find that one special person to share what their wealth can achieve. It is no fun to have and not use, so these incredibly wealthy individuals are looking for happiness not only in their bank accounts but in the things that uplift them emotionally. It's wonderful to be able to buy fancy cars and hang out with the rich and famous, but for the man that has all those things and a special someone to share it with, well, he truly knows what millionaires really want!