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With all the new social venues for hip up and coming professionals to gather these days, one would think it would be easy to meet someone of the opposite sex at some up and coming hot spots. Not always the case. So if one is a young professional, in search of someone of the same caliber, it begs the question: Can we flirt with and romance women we work with?.

Dating in the workplace is a hot topic as of late and we now have the term office spouse. We've all experienced times where there was someone in our office that we felt a certain amount of attraction to, whether on a physical or intellectual level and wanted to flirt with. But when is it okay to act on this attraction and see if the feeling is mutual? In the interest of catering to the two distinctly different camps of thought on the subject, we will examine both the pros and cons of dating and romancing women one works with, it should be mentioned that an office spouse is not necessarily a romantic relationship, as one might simply be a flirt, but I just like the term.

There are those that believe that having an office spouse or dating women we work with is absolutely taboo. Our best response to this is to be mindful of who each reports to, since the universal belief in most corporations is that inter-office dating is okay as long as both parties do not work within the same department and/ or report to the same supervisor. Certainly, if one is a subordinate of the other, workplace dating a woman that works under you may not be a good professional decision. There are also concerns amongst people against dating within the office, that the office spouse relationship will become office fodder for gossip. Believe it or not, ones dating status (whether it's with someone within the office or not) can be kept under wraps with a bit of discretion on both sides.

For those that believe discreet workplace dating romance is a beneficial affair, keep in mind that one must also be able to handle knowing a lot more information about the person he or she dates than we might like, as water cooler gossip knows no boundaries. In larger corporations this can be avoided if either party involved can transfer to a different division. These Trannies as they may sometimes be called, can run into other problems, such as being questioned about why the office spouse made a lateral move from one department to another. But with a little bit of forethought this too can be mineralized. All in all, office dating women one works with is not a difficult task provided that there is little chance that workplace policies may get you canned. Remember, that sexual harassment guidelines must be followed even if a couple is involved in a discreet affair, a simple flirt, or a committed relationship. These laws apply to everyone and intimate moments whether romantic or merely an office spouse relationship should be kept to non-working hours. If discretion, and the aforementioned guidelines are followed, dating women you work with can be easy and convenient, moreover one will at least be starting a relationship with much in common.