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So what constitutes the highest quality personals website, number of members, a friends with benefits relationship theme?

If a competition was put in place and the contenders brought forward, who would win such a prestigious award and more importantly, why? Online dating is a service that is so simple in its idea and although most sites have a simple logic towards their service, some online dating services stand out as being better than others. If we were to take an increased focus on the service that they provide, their popularity and success, could we come up with the answer to discover the finest venues for the single person.

The questions that need to be asked initially are, is the premier website the one that matches the most people in traditional relationships or allows its members to find that friends with benefits relationship? Can we hand this award to the busiest matchmaker on the internet then? Surely this is not necessarily the case. After all, the finest maker of jeans is not necessarily the one who sells the most pairs. After all, a company may sell a million pairs, but if they are only worn once, then their job is not done properly and so are not deserved of being classified as the number one in their field.

Can it not be fair to say that a great online dating service is the one that holds credibility in its product and provides quality in its content? Probably, as we've already established that the busiest venues are not necessarily the one that matches the most people. With this in mind, it's only right that the points should go to the website that creates strength in its matching, simplicity in its use, a strong database and a variety of alternative content. A friends with benefits relationship and traditional relationships both are taking the Internet by storm.