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Some individuals love the excitement and romance to travel off to a remote destination for a rendezvous while others think that anything in another zip code is too far a distance to travel for a romantic affair.

It used to be that if one grew up in small Hometown U.S.A., they met a nice girl in high school, asked her to wear your class ring, she wore your varsity jacket while cheering her beau on at the football game, These lovers went to the prom together and before either knew it, the two were married in suburbia and raising 2.3 children in a Cape Cod style house surrounded by a picket fence. You got together with the neighbors down the block every Friday night for cards and fondue. Obviously, with time, comes change. Ask a young person now for dating advice, and after moments thought, they will probably ask have you tried an internet ad? Yes, even the youngest among us use online dating to connect with others, whether it is on a site like MySpace or Facebook, or an alternative site geared toward internet dating and a possible long distance love affair.

Should one choose to take this dating advice and join the millions of people that search the best online dating sites for romance every day, be aware of the fact that a person could be setting themselves up for the possibility of entering into a long distance relationship. Depending on ones unique situation and their expectations, this type of relationship could be exactly what they are looking for, or one could be disappointed to find that the individual in the personal ad they desire cannot logistically travel and join in every social event that arises or even for casual dating. For many successful, professional singles, being involved in a long distance relationship has its perks; it allows for each person to pursue their individual interests, get to travel and maintain separate social lives, with opportunities to come together and perhaps have a deeper appreciation for the precious time they do get to share romance together. Others may tell a quite different story, emphasizing the difficulties and strain that could be placed on a relationship that spans the miles.

This issue of a long distance relationship is a very delicate one as one may ask several people what they think is a maximum difference to travel for meeting someone from a personal ad, and receive several separate answers. This issue of distance is dependant on individual lifestyles, if a person works long hours during the week and has little time for a social life except through an online dating personal ad and on weekends, they might enjoy the anticipation of travel or having someone encountered through the personal ads take a trip to visit you. If one is the kind of lover who needs constant companionship and romance, he or she may want someone who they can be with on a moments notice.

Common dating advice dictates that unless one is willing to relocate to be with a potential lover, it is better to not engage in long distance relationships or online dating in other cities, as one of the individuals will eventually be faced with a situation, in which they must make a life changing decision. A long distance relationship can work, but one must first understand the long term problems that will have to be overcome, and perhaps really think it over before answering that personal ad from another state.