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Cupid, in Roman Mythology, is the God of love. A young boy who would take aim and fire an arrow into your heart causing you to fall in love. Many would seek such an unorthodox and somewhat contradictory route to endless passion, worship and everlasting hope would ensure that their desire may one day be filled. But who would of thought it would be from a cupid dating site and not the little guy himself.

Today of course, Cupid dating has taken over and the little guy may be a little less busy, as no longer is the long and flexible arrow the maker of passion and affection, since the trusty bow has been put to one side and been replaced by a mouse. How the Gods are frowning I'm sure. Cupid dating has taken the form of online dating and is giving millions of singles the chance to fulfill their wishes. Online cupid dating is the most modern and effective way of hooking up with singles. It's cost effect, time effective and to Eros' gratitude, it's a very effective medium for romantic solutions. No longer are we gazing into the sky to demand the unusual practice of a cupid dating arrow into our hearts to find our soul mate, nowadays we are looking into cyberspace to give us the option to meet single people.

If the god of love was to eventually grow into a man of business, it can't be resisted in hoping that his aspirations would have been a facility that could multiply his arrow by millions. Surely his vision had to be online dating. This is not said with disrespect, but with a liberal view of how a modern day feature such as a Cupid dating site has enhanced the objective of Cupid, a figure of Roman Mythology.

Online dating is a facility that gives us the possibility of a fruitful life and a brighter tomorrow. At no point are you waiting for an arrow to come streaming from the darkness, as this has been substituted with an expectation of hope from the light on your computer. Your appetite is moistened for the opportunity that awaits you which is now created by a machine. Is this the first sign of our surrender to a heartless mechanism which can promise a life of happiness for a payment of life devotion to its services? Maybe we haven't gotten that far yet, but it's ironic how we rely on a heartless piece of equipment to fill our hearts with love in the style of Cupid dating.

That all said, both have given success to singles throughout the years and if awards were given, Cupid may win hands down for his romantic approach and originality. Maybe he is a little more flash in his method, but he would be hard pushed to match the results that online dating or Cupid dating, for that matter can command