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We have often seen in the movies friends offering that awkward first date advice between the attractive girls and their suave and sophisticated boyfriends.

They go out for a fine dinner at some elegant restaurant followed by dancing at the most fashionable of night spots. After all, gorgeous ladies and dapper men have the finest of everything and in the movies everything works to perfection. NOT! Just as there are first date advice do's and dont's for men, the same applies for single females, and if the man is desirable how the woman acts will determine if their will be a second date.

Nothing screams trailer trash louder than greeting a gentleman in tawdry clothes with colors bright enough to illuminate a dark room, make-up that makes you look like the family lost a bet with Ringling Brothers and enough perfume to make an onion cry. Men love to see a woman scantily clad and ready for action, but chances are the action that this attire suggests takes place behind closed doors. If one wants to date a sophisticated man, heed this first date advice, understand that being a good-looking single woman is not enough anymore. It is now important to be refined and polished as well as being attractive.

A woman must also be well versed in the current events of the day; discussing the political situation in the Middle East displays a lot more intelligence and maturity than striking up a conversation about what color Britney Spear's panties (or lack of) were the last time she was plastered and struck a photographer. A person does not have to be a rocket scientist, but they should be able to communicate properly in the environment in which they wish to mingle. Gentlemen like attractive women for a short while, but attractive women they can be proud of become wives.

Another important piece of first date advice does not directly deal with the date itself, but the period of time post date in which the individuals involved are both waiting for the other to make the next move. Attractive females are a sought after commodity and in most cases should be pursued, however wealthy men are just as rare and the time after the date can be difficult to maneuver. Single girls have always thought that if a man does not call after a few days they are not interested and although this is occasionally true, you may want to drop a subtle hint by means of an email thanking him for a pleasant evening. This not to suggest stalking his house or place of business or threatening to boil one of his pets should be on the list of post first date advice.

People nowadays are living fast paced and hectic lives and it may be difficult at times to fit a nice evening into a busy schedule. If you just understand the situation and don't get over emotional and begin to over think everything from 'what shall I wear' to 'why hasn't he called' there is a much better chance of finding exactly what you are looking for and probably a higher success rate when paying attention to first date advice.