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Free Divorce – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Published on 11 Jul 2013 with 0 Comments


Should I stay or should I go, has come to mean more than just a popular song by a group called “The Clash.” Divorce rates are climbing into the stratosphere while more and more men and women are weighing their options when it comes to getting out of ill-fated marriages. Those who decide to file for divorce are quickly finding out that there really isn’t such a thing as a cheap divorce as the emotional and financial consequences of ending a marriage may be significant. But then again, its difficult to understand what are the real the costs of staying in a bad marriage?

Divorce costs should not be the overwhelming factor when deciding to end a marriage, but they do come up as a topic of discussion. But what would happen if there were ways to get a free divorce? Would the availability of a inexpensive divorce cause more marriages to end or would the lessened pressure of getting out of a marriage help keep things a bit more civil and amenable. The popular upscale dating site was curious about some of the not-so-obvious reasons people wanted to get divorced and recently offered to cover the monetary divorce costs for three of its members if they could give a unique and interesting reason for it.


Money issues are usually one of the major contributors to the skyrocketing divorce rates, so a free divorce should alleviate some pressure and allow  the couple to carry on as quickly and painlessly as possible in their search for individual happiness. Let’s face it, sometimes even the hottest flame grows cold, but this doesn’t mean that two people can’t have some resemblance of respect for one another. Life goes on and so must divorced people, and with the end of one part of your life you are now free to begin the next. The reasons for divorce are varied and often either very amusing or very disturbing and usually good for some great conversation around the holiday table. Just remember that the end result of divorce is Freedom.

This promotion by the well-known dating site was its way of having some fun, assisting a few of its members and celebrating the fourth of July by way of helping a few good folks in their quest for freedom! We all know that just leaving a marriage is not a guarantee that the rest of your life will be filled with joy and happiness. However, a free divorce for those who may otherwise be trapped in a purgatory of hopes and dreams gone bad can perhaps begin on a new course towards love and romance with someone better suited to for them. And of course the finest online dating site for upscale individuals, is on hand to help them begin their journey!

It is said that marriage can be thought of as a three-ring circus, first there is the engagement ring, then comes the wedding ring and then finally comes the suffer-ring!

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How To Show Affection In Unexpected Ways

Published on 12 Apr 2013 with 0 Comments

couple showing affection

Okay, so you’ve been dating for a short while and things seem to be going fairly well; you have dinner a few times a week or go shopping together and it seems that you are actually on the verge of a real honest to God relationship, so what’s next? At this point the two of you should be communicating well and have a good idea of each other’s likes and dislikes yet still have a lot to learn about one another. Many relationships fall apart at this point because those involved get a bit complacent and may even begin to take each other for granted. One way to avoid such problems is to keep things fresh and exciting. There are many ways to accomplish this such as short vacations, special dinners, trips to museums, but although these are great displays of affection, they are not spontaneous and planning needs to go into it to make it successful. It’s amazing how a well thought out small, yet targeted gift can have a greater impact than a dinner or Broadway show.

The fact that it is small and unexpected is only half the importance of giving such a gift, timing and targeting is also important. By timing we are referring to surprise of the gift, not what it is. Let’s assume you are at dinner and have just ordered your appetizers and are discussing a tropical vacation that you’d both like to someday take when you reach into your jacket pocket and display a CD of favorite Island songs that you know he or she will enjoy. This will undoubtedly start a conversation about places the two of you might go together and thereby solidify your relationship even further. A bottle of suntan lotion may even have the same effect! You surprised your partner with not only the unexpectedness of the gift but during a conversation about vacations was perfect timing.

It does take some degree of thought when choosing the right gift or else anyone could just pick up something at the checkout isle of the grocery store and be done with it. This could work on occasion as I have had tremendous results with a mere bag of raisonettes when perfectly timed at a specific few day period of the month. If you know your partner has decided to begin a new fitness regime, a magazine subscription that magically shows up in their mailbox is a great gift. A small stuffed animal left on a desk at work shows not only thoughtfulness but willingness as well since you had to go the extra effort to place it there when he or she wasn’t. If your partner is a candy connoisseur a subscription to a candy of the month club would be a great idea, as would a wine of the month, cheese of the month or anything else of the month, but you get the idea.

Okay, so you are getting the picture now, it does not have to big as long as there is thought put into it and there is a purpose behind it. Flowers, colognes and perfumes are always good ideas but they have lost some of the oomph that they once held, as they are not really all that imaginative. Think about those things that mean a lot to your partner and tie the gift to that. If your partner has a child you can always buy a load of Girl Scout or Cub Scout cookies and have cookie party. The gift need not be directly given to them, lets say your partner is head over heals in love with their dog; showing up at their home with a brand new dog bed or a large meaty bone will surely score huge points with not only them but their beloved pooch as well. Imagination and timing will certainly lead to a much more exiting and hopefully lasting relationship

How to say I Love You in the age of technology

Published on 07 Mar 2013 with 0 Comments

i love you


Gone are the days of carving the initials of you and that special on a tree inside a heart, as the environmentalists will be tracking you down to throw you in jail. Painting your feelings on a bridge over a highway that your love passes through everyday will be called defacing public property and categorized as just another bit of graffiti that will cost the city money to clean. Gone also are the days in grade school when you could leave messages in chalk on the sidewalk to express your feelings while praying a sudden cloudburst doesn’t wash your words down the drain along with your heart. As beautiful as these expressions of love can be, they have been replaced by gizmos and gadgets as the age of technology has given those of all ages to profess their love..

The great thing about declaring your love for someone in the age of technology is that it need not be done publicly any longer. Where once your words and innermost feelings were subject to the eyes of the world, methods such as email and mobile phones have made those who want to scream their adoration from the top of a hill can now do it in the privacy of their home via the Internet and WiFi. Remember the movie “you’ve got mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? They carried on a friendship/affair for some time before even realizing whom they were conversing with. A quick text to that special someone’s cell phone with just the right phrase can go as far as send a bouquet of flowers, and be a whole lot cheaper. If you want to get a bit more involved and drag out the courtship a bit you can create a free yet discreet email address online and send a series of emails aimed at capturing the heart of a special someone. Its important to not that if you go a bit too far it can have a negative effect and seem like you are cyber stalking. For this reason, be intuitive enough to determine whether your actions are having the desired effect, and if not, cease this operation immediately and try something else.

If you have a laptop and are often seen seated at a local Starbucks or some other bistro type area where others congregate to do a bit of work, read or merely socialize and listen to a little music, you have an opportunity to send messages via email by utilizing the Wireless Internet that these type of establishments offer in order to draw in tech savvy customers. What’s fun about texting or emailing from your laptop is that you can be in the general vicinity of the other person when you send it and there is a good chance you can gauge their reaction to your message. Its great fun to see the expression on their face when they read what you have sent. If your are not in a WiFi enabled area but still want to get a bit creative you can always purchase a cheap set of walkie-talkies and have a waiter or friend drop it off on their table. It should be a lot of fun watching as your voice comes over the airwaves and requests they pick up the device. With a pair of binoculars and depending on the range of the walkie-talkies you can drive someone mad as they try to figure out who is talking to them and from where!

Do women like muscles or brainiacs?

Published on 05 Sep 2012 with 1 Comment

This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages, are women more attracted to men with rippling, toned physiques, or those with brains? To answer this question we need to look deeper and begin a modest investigation of the differences between both types of men, but from the female perspective.

It seems that although most women appear to like a man with muscles, it’s the total package that most females desire. The totally ripped gym rat looks great, but if he has the intellect of an eggplant the window dressing is wasted. A man does not have to be perfect, but simply to be well groomed, reasonably fit and have an air of confidence about him, as this will elevate this person well above the man who merely has a muscular body going for him.

To most women, your occupation does not give you license not to put in any effort into your physical and mental well-being. A plumber can get to the gym and dress neatly just as easily as a stockbroker. It’s more of a mental state that separates those that can from those that can’t. This is why the perfect combination of Brainiac and Muscleman is in such high demand.

When we talk about brainacs, we are not necessarily speaking of someone with a genius IQ, what we are saying is someone who has the intelligence along with the discipline and desire to achieve and succeed. Many women can’t accurately put their finger on those things that create sexual attraction, but it is almost universally accepted that it is a combination of several things that generates interest. Women can sense passion, not only in regards to the chemistry between two people, but in the way a person approaches life as well.

There are of course those women who do not care in the slightest about a man’s character, intellect or the way in which he presents himself, for them its only about one thing, ‘is he hot or not!’ Some women, much like some men, look at a member of the opposite sex merely as a conquest, and the thought of any long-term relationship never enters the thought process. For these women it’s all about short-term and instant gratification.

But the question still needs to be addressed, do women prefer men with great bodies or men with great minds, and because the human race is imperfect and subject to a variety of opinions, this question can never be truly answered one way or the other. What can be stated is that each person has a particular set of experiences as they grow up.

These experiences shape who that person is today and what makes them happy and what does not. Finding someone who shares many of your experiences or at least the way in which you view the world can change the way in which you perceive that person. In high school it was the geeks versus the jocks, but as we got older the lines became a bit less clear as each of us has that sense of the perfect combination that they connect with, that one person who’s body drives you crazy and who’s mind takes you to a whole other level.

The Guy Code To Romance

Published on 27 Jun 2012 with 0 Comments

There are guy’s out there that are giving other men a bad name when it comes to romance. Its not that these guys are mean or abusive, they are just schmucks when it comes to communicating any feelings to their wives or girlfriends. I understand that its easier for some guys to get their feelings across than others, but this is where the major debate arises, its not that there aren’t any feelings of romance within a guy, its just that he has no idea how to express them. It’s for this reason that many relationships go wrong, even though they can so easily can be turned around simply with some thought of how those feelings can and should be expressed.

If you are with someone special you should have already felt those romantic feelings, but also understand romance for guys may manifest itself a bit different than for women. Romance for men or romance for women is more about expressing the feelings that should already exist rather than trying to figure out how to be more romantic. If you need to read a book or blogs for someone else to tell you how you should feel then something is probably wrong.

Once a guy recognizes and acts upon his romantic side it could become a bit habit forming. Romance is fun, so why not keep it up as long as the feelings are there? Have you ever given someone a gift and seen his or her face light up? How did that make you feel? Well, if you are in a sound romantic relationship, you probably felt almost as good as the person receiving the present. So why not keep that feeling going, it could be something as simple as holding a door open to a car with an umbrella on a rainy night, or a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, for the more extreme. The key for most guys who are figuring out how to get in touch with their romantic side is to express those feelings in a manner that will let their wife or girlfriends know that they are always thinking of them.

Many guys are romantic but don’t like anyone to know that they are, in their eyes it may make them seem less macho. These closet romantics will display a momentary romantic gesture before retreating back into their tough guy façade. Being a closet romantic is fine as long as the object of your affection sees through the facade, and you make no major effort to conceal your romantic guy alter ego from her.

Timing is another important aspect of the guy’s code to romance. Romantic gestures must come from a spontaneous outpouring of feelings that are pure and not contrived to cover some ulterior motive. Forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday and feeling pretty crappy about it is not a good reason for romance, as guilt is never a good reason to do anything, it is merely covering for something that should have been done already. Romantic gestures should not be one and done either, they are continuous expressions of how you feel about someone.

Once those feelings begin to wane, and the displays of affection are few and far between, the relationship is usually on the decline. Romance encompasses both passion and intimacy, but it is important to realize that there is a difference between these two. Quite often you will meet someone and the passion burns hot for a short period of time but quite often fades quickly as well. Intimacy is a closeness that takes time to develop and usually can stand the test of time, especially when expressions of romance are displayed on an ongoing basis, but more importantly, as long as romance is felt.

What Do Women Really Want From Men!?

Published on 01 Jun 2012 with 1 Comment

If you’ve ever wondered what a woman really wants from her man then check out this graphic. We surveyed over 4,600 women to help uncover what they really want from their man!

What Do Women Really Want

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Do you know how to choose romantic food?

Published on 16 May 2012 with 0 Comments

In order to know how to choose romantic foods one must first understand the setting. The mood music playing in the background, a gentle breeze is blowing through the balcony windows causing the light white drapes to billow up and push aside giving view to the moonlit ocean below. All is perfect as you are about to sit down with an attractive woman for dinner and some wine. The rent-a-waiter hired for the evening brings out the appetizers and the lady has a pained look on her face as the buffalo chicken wings chosen are placed up on the table. It is then apparent that someone does not know how to choose romantic foods.


These chicken wings would be fine if it were at a picnic and an individual had little intention of turning the afternoon romantic, but remember that even when men go out of the house to buy groceries their primary concern is to find and romance a woman. So it is imperative that if one is going to spend any time at all with a woman, he will have to eat and therefore should know how to choose romantic food. The setting means everything; if sitting in the movie theater, you can have a tender moment sharing popcorn and a drink or eating from both ends of a red licorice until lips meet in the middle. It’s not always the food but how and when it is served.


This is not to say that dining at elegant restaurants is not the way to go, but this article is to see if one can know how to choose romantic foods, not restaurants. Lets say the date is taking place in a five star restaurant would a person be able to look at a menu and choose the most romantic foods for that date and that woman? There are those foods that are said to boost one’s libido such as oysters and there are those that demonstrate elegance and the finer things in life such as Foie Gras. There is not much to do when searching a menu at a restaurant to discover what romantic foods are offered there, as long as you have done your homework and know the names of some.



I’d like to conclude the article on how to choose romantic foods by impressing upon the reader that both the affluent and the middle income folks can both bring their cuisine to a new level more by compliment the mood or atmosphere of the moment with the right choices of food rather than merely purchasing expensive caviar or truffles. A simple back yard barbeque in which the couple can take part in the preparation and cooking of a fine meal, topped off with a dessert the two of you created can lead to a passionate evening just as easy as the finest meal at a top rated restaurant. Of course it also helps if both he and she are naked under the apron!

Long Distance Relationships – Should I go or should I stay?

Published on 15 May 2012 with 0 Comments

Long distance relationships are never easy and they will strain even the best of relationships. The smallest speed bumps may seem like Mount Everest when you are hundreds of miles away from the one you want to be with. So then the question eventually arises should I, or my partner, consider a move to the other’s city so we can be together? Sounds like a relatively simple question, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that it can be one of the most unsettling experiences in your life, and that’s not even from the move itself, just the thought of it! So how does one know that they should consider picking up their current life and moving to another city? Here are some factors and advice that a person should consider before making such a transition.

One of the most significant indicators of when a long distance relationship should become a same city relationship is length of time. If you have recently met someone on a vacation to some tropical beach and you live in New York and they live in Texas, short of fireworks and baby cupids flying over your heads when you kiss, there is no reason for either of you to make a life altering decision to relocate at this time. One of the greatest blunders a new couple can make is mistaking desire and lust for a true relationship with potential. Moving too quickly concerning a long distance relationship is a recipe for failure, as you still don’t know enough about each other to make a life changing decision. If the two of you are meant to be together, you can both wait just a bit longer without worrying about the actions of the other.
Another important factor in determining whether it is feasible for you to make a move in order to change a long distance relationship into a same city one is what type of job or career you currently have. If you work for yourself via the Internet such as a stock trader or as an online consultant, the move would be much easier than a person who needs to be at a brick and mortar office on a daily basis. Most of the time your career determines your place of residence more than you do. There are however those larger companies that have many offices nationwide which could make a move much easier. The bottom line is that you may have spent a lot of time and effort getting to a point in your career that would not transitional well to a move and to start fresh may cause issues and resentment. Your partner may be having the exact same concerns as you about their career as well.
For those who are already well into their careers there are also those that may be still be attending various universities and have not yet found their career paths. This does not make the move from one city to another any less difficult, as like large companies, universities may be on opposite sides of the country and just as difficult to transfer from one to another. The positive aspect of being a college student involved in a long distance relationship is that age is on your side. It is much easier for a young person to delay a relocation decision as they have more than likely not yet invested much time into their chosen fields of occupation. Young people for the most part are mostly concerned about their own careers, this bit of selfish or “me first” attitude may make any relationships take a back seat for the moment.

Relocation to a new city to be with that special someone is a great plan if you truly feel the potential of a long-term relationship is there, but consider what you may be leaving behind. We have mentioned jobs and school, but what about the people we leave behind? What family are we leaving? Do you have older parents that need you? Do you have brothers and sisters that may only get to see you occasionally on holidays? This is an issue that you must give serious consideration and seek advice as moving to be with someone you may love may cause more heartache than letting him or her go.

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