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In life there are the innovators, pioneers and the companies willing to push the boundaries to create something different. is the first dating site of its kind, which provides a sophisticated, and comprehensive dating service for its clients.  We have experienced staff and a knowledge of the


dating market that will always keep us one step ahead of any competition.  Feel comfortable in your surroundings with like minded people.  Our success can only be measured by your success.  So when you sign up with us, you can feel confident you have signed up to the real thing and not something that aspires to be like us.  We wish you every success on and in your future.


  • Why should you use's service?
  • Can really help me find a sugar daddy?
  • There are other sites, why is better?
  • How does compare with and Yahoo Personals?
  • How long has been successfully helping people?
  • Does have thousands of quality people?
  • Is a global dating service?

  This is an example of one of the many true life testimonials we receive from members of  

I just wanted to say thanks for your site.  Although Iím by no means wealthy ($120k a year) I was able to find on your site an amazing, beautiful, kind, bright and tolerant woman who is 14 years younger. We have been together for about 10 months. We just learned a couple of weeks ago that we are going to have a baby!  We already have a puppy and are forming a family. I even bought a 4 door car! We couldnít be more thrilled. Iíve tried,, Yahoo personals, dating and introduction services, the whole works with mixed and mostly disappointing results. Who would have guessed that Iíd find the mother of my child on your site,!


  Why should you use's service?  

Quite simply because we are the leading site in our field. We cater to people looking to live the life they want to live.

  Can really help me find a sugar daddy?  

We have a database of affluent and successful people that seek companionship with others that seek a like minded lifestyle. We advertise globally for those that seek our facilities and only accept profiles that fit within our strict guidelines.

  There are other sites, why is better? is the first and most pioneering site of itís kind.  We are the market leader that will continue to set the precedence for modern online dating.  We were the first site to philosophize that wealth provides security and is therefore an attractive quality.  We continually stride to make the site distinctive, direct, original, real, effective and above all, successful to the member.

  How do we compare with and Yahoo Personals?  

We have the independence to direct ourselves based on the desire of the members and the online dating market. Match and Yahoo are successful in their own right but for the audience we cater to we have a more desirable, realistic and direct attitude to the online dating arena and are committed to produce a service that is applauded by our members globally.

  How long has been successfully helping singles?  

We been involved in online dating since 2002.  If you consider the movement in technology, peoples attitude and the expansion of the internet over this period, you will see that our experience has placed us perfectly for embracing future developments and perceptions of what is desired within online dating.

  Does have thousands of quality members?  

Quite simply, yes. Unlike other websites that share members from other dating site's databases or buy their pre-made sites with a few thousand fake profiles, our members are 100% real and we do not share or buy our member profiles from any other sources. We have members that congratulate us on our product and we are proud to provide such a valuable service to the online dating market.

  Is a global dating service?  
  Yes, we cover the United States, UK, Australia and Canada with future expansion in progress.